Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tips to Create Eye Soothing Stationery Design

Good stationery design makes or breaks the corporate identity of a company. It is what distinguishes the professional from the amateur. It is a well-known fact that well-designed stationery has the power to attract more business and enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your brand.
Although many companies ignore the importance of their business stationery design, it performs the important task of attracting viewer attention, engaging their interest and finally, selling your product. It enhances your company's identity, augments your credibility and spearheads your marketing efforts.
Professionally designed stationery from design experts who possess the artistic ability and the creative bent of mind to create eye-catching stationery designs makes a huge difference to your brand’s image. How do they create extraordinary stationery designs? They just keep few things in mind and create not less than miracle. Below are provided those few things which design experts consider while creating amazing stationery designs.
1)      Be Simple but Stylish
Do not make your stationery look too loud and flashy thinking that it will look better. However, it will look muddled and too complicated. Try to avoid excess use of graphics and designs. Integrate simple designs but make them look stylish. Pick out design components like lighter colors, borders, a proper header and footer with to the point information. This will make your stationery look professional. You are designing for meeting your business needs. Therefore, stick to simplicity.
2)      Avoid Templates
As creative professionals always say “Think out of the box”, the same statement is applied here too, when you are going to design your stationeries. Try to keep away from templates as they are not going to add uniqueness to your designs. You should know that these templates are extensively used by your competitors, so using the same template will not add any professionalism to your stationery design, nor will it astonish your clients or customers.
3)      Match Your Fonts with Size
Be very cautious while choosing font type for your stationery design. Choose the right fonts considering the size of your stationery. Moreover, do not waste space by integrating huge fonts or an enlarged logo. You should also ensure that font sizes are not too small that they cannot be read easily.
4)      Use Delicate Colors
Always use soft colors while designing your business stationery. You will be using dark fonts for writing the content of your stationeries. If you apply darker shades in design, people will have difficulty in reading the information contained in your stationeries.

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