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Create Quality Posters As An Advertising Tool

Posters as an Advertising Tool

Posters are one of the essential tools or materials used in traditional advertising. It makes perfect marketing collateral for outlets, retail stores, shops, and other real world selling areas. Whether your shop is fixed on a certain location or on mobile, posters are ideal to communicate your advertising message. Posters are also ideal for almost any type of event, it can be used as an advertising material for products, for services, for sales activities, for promotional activities, company internal communications, editorial campaign, and even for special event announcements. Creating quality posters requires a process that goes through conceptualization, production, and implementation. Posters require resources, once produced, place posters in the most effective areas to add more impact and yield more results.

Advertising Poster Conceptualization Stage for Creating Quality Materials

Posters are quite versatile advertising materials. Not only can it be used for a wide array of marketing, advertising, and sales activities, it can also be used as a communication material to achieve an objective and goals to an activity or a campaign. Posters can be treated as support materials for an overall marketing campaign that requires below the line advertising. It can also be considered as a standalone material to communicate a message to in-store or on location readers.
The conceptual stage of a poster requires knowing what the objectives and goals of the campaign, activity, or endeavor is before starting with the design. Once these goals and objectives are specified, the creative team or the design team will usually undergo a process of planning or brainstorming to come up with an idea or a set of ideas for the material that will depict the look and feel of the poster based on a set of mandatory on brand, logo input, company name input, or image.

The next stage which is comprised of two major aspects that often simultaneously happens are the design and layout of the poster and copywriting or writing the headings, taglines, and body text. You will need an eye catching image or a compelling heading to create impact and add interest so that readers will read through the entire poster. Content must be brief and yet informative while images should be able to represent or capture the message in a single face layout. You will need a layout or design software application to compose the material and prepare the digital file for production.

 Production Options for Advertising Posters

In the real world, or in traditional marketing, there are basically two processes that can produce posters in bulk, the first process is called off-set printing, a printing process that has been around for decades and is still widely used as a process for print materials such as magazines, brochures, and product packaging. Offset printing creates crisp high resolution output with vivid and vibrant colors. It does not fade or tarnish easily. The second type of bulk production process for posters is digital printing. Digital printing can be done quite quickly and is most ideal for relatively small quantities of requirements. It is a simpler process and requires no additional final artwork processing such as color separation and other technical aspects required in offset printing, which makes it relatively more affordable when required in small quantities. For quantities in thousands though, it is more ideal to use offset printing.

There are also other alternative materials that can be used to produce posters. Posters can be printed on backlit duratrans materials, vinyl stickers, tarpaulin, fabric, glass, or other flat surfaces that can be displayed on walls and windows.

 Poster Placement

Coming up with a good or a great poster design is only half the endeavor. The stage where you make the poster materials available to your audience should also be planned well. Place posters where they can be seen by your target audience and where there is foot traffic. Creating posters require resources, when placing posters consider its visibility and accessibility to your audience.

Software Applications for Posters

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Corel Draw


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