Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Creatively Enhance the Effectiveness of Corporate Gifts

There are basically three kinds of corporate gifts. The ones you give out at trade shows to promote your company or product, the gifts you give to favored clients that have done business with you or will be doing business with you and then there are gifts for employees that motivate employees to work harder. Imagine a sales contest with special prizes for being the top revenue producer. Employees love to have something extra to work towards and they’ll enjoy discussing your generosity long after the contest is over. 

Corporate gifts are intended to reinforce relationships and raise brand awareness. Even if it’s just a thank you gift, there is a part of this important equation that creates goodwill and makes the customer more receptive to doing business with your company.

The wisdom behind promotional gifts like key rings, pens and mugs with corporate logos is to keep the name in front of the client at all times. If his/her key ring in the morning commute shows your logo or his/her coffee cup shows your logo, it can remind him/her to reorder quicker and it can leave a pleasant aromatic feeling about spending money with your company. Furthermore these items can remind the employees of promotions and keep them repeating the slogan printed on the items. 

There are many creative ideas when it comes to unique corporate gifts but one idea is to offer them a nice gift for giving you referrals. People who receive a gift are more likely to remember your company when they have the opportunity to talk business. 

The more creative gifts will be long remembered at your client’s office. Everyone who works with the recipient will ask about the arrangement or special incentive that came through the door. Talk about loyal customers! Talk about good talk! Though there might be expense account spending limits, a corporate gift item should only be limited by your imagination. Are they missing a piece of the marketing pie by not advertising with your company? Would sending them a pizza with a slice missing make a memorable impression or make them mad? Try to find out whether the client has a sense of humor or if he’s allergic to pecans before sending him a year’s worth of salted nuts. 

Don’t forget that bringing a gift to your initial meeting can enhance the relationship immediately because a great first impression is sure to last. Imagine how much easier it will be for that client to choose your business over the competition if you come bearing a gift.

Finally, remember to entice your client with a special internet online offer so that he/she will sign up for your web site and continue to spread the good news about your company. Perhaps you can have links that drive business to your website because of your customer’s connections. A thank you gift will have him signing up everyone he knows and sending you more business than you can handle.


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