Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Things to be Considered While Creating Company Stationery

Bring your company’s marketing collateral design to the next level by creating various types of company stationery that can be used in multiple media. Company stationery is one of the basic office materials that are designed to carry your company logo. It is used for both internal and external communications. Now with online communications being the media, frequently used digital versions of company stationery are often also required as part of the basic marketing collateral.

Here are some important tips and things to be considered when creating company stationery:
1. Your company stationery must always include your company logo design. For start-up companies, it is better to have a logo designed by a professional design agency so that font family, color schemes, and logo placement mandatory will also be planned and determined.

2. For companies that carry various products and services with each having a different brand name or brand logo, you may also include these logos in the company stationery for added mileage for these brands.

3. Include your basic contact information such as company trunk line numbers, head office address, company website address, and other contact information to let recipients know how to contact you if in case they need  to inquire about your products, services, or company.

4. For printed corporate stationery, choose paper stock that will complement the color scheme of your logos.

5. Use company stationery for intra-departmental communications, memos, and other printed form communication materials. For external communications, use company stationery for business cover letters, proposals, and announcements.

6. Email communication is the most preferred form of exchange of communications in businesses today. When designing your company stationery, request for a digital format as well. Digital format company stationery should come in the form of a template. You may use an HTML format for email messages and have various templates as well, that can be used for software applications such as word documents, excel, presentations, and other software.

7. Create a variety of designs for various company departments. You may assign a specific design for each department to distinguish letters coming from each department. Customization of company stationery may also come in the form of per individual. You may opt to include in the design the names of the department or the name of the person from which the letter is coming from.

8. Since company stationery is often used in writing business proposals and presentations, you may opt to design several versions that vary in page orientation. You may have a portrait orientation design which can be used in formal letters and a landscape orientation design which can be used for presentations.

9. For printed out letters to be sent via snail mail, it is best to have an envelope design as well to go with the company stationery design. This will create a more professional look on your business letters and proposals. Include company logo, contact or return address, and a tagline or slogan on the envelope design to add more fun and function.

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