Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Uniqueness Matters a Lot While Designing Company Stationery

Your company stationery represents the attributes of your brand or business establishment. It often includes your company logo, company slogan, and contact information to allow your customers and business partners to find out more about your products and services and enables you on the other hand to formally communicate with them.    

Here are some facts on why designing and producing a company stationery matters:

1. Designing and creating unique office stationery distinguishes your company from the rest. It makes your company distinct and adds formality to your office letters, memos, proposals, and other written communication needs.

2. Company stationery is one of the basic marketing collateral. Every company should have one and should be used both internally and externally to add formality to all means of written communication.

3. Including your company logo and business slogan in your company stationery not only makes your company stationery unique, it also provides a great branding opportunity that is practical and effective.

4. Adding your company contact information, website address, and business address make your business distinct from other companies. It also gives you the chance to communicate to your written letter recipients while enabling your readers to find out various ways on how to get in touch with you.

5. Choosing a design and layout that is unique creates impact hence producing more results. To make your company stationery unique, use design elements that will highlight the attributes of your brand. Choosing the right color scheme, layout, and even paper stock, will help create a more unique and more cohesive look.

6. Company stationery is practical. It does not cost much to produce company stationery while it practically allows you to use this material in so  many different ways. From creating and writing formal proposals to sending announcements on promo offers and events, to formally communicating with business partners and affiliates, there are so many ways on how you can use company stationery. The positives definitely outweigh the cost.

7. Company stationery is a standard marketing material that can be used in a variety of marketing activities. With email marketing, to direct selling, to formal business proposals, and more. A unique design that is creatively composed and produced will enable you to use this standard marketing material in so many ways.

8. The advent of the internet has shifted a lot of marketing activities and efforts to online strategies. Designing an online version of your company stationery that can be adapted to various online applications will add to its uniqueness. For instance, creating an HTML version of your company stationery that can be used in email communications will enable you to send out announcements faster and more efficiently.

Company stationery is one of the standard marketing materials. Each company should have one. A unique company stationery design allows you to distinguish your company, product, and services from other companies. It also adds to the total brand image of a company or a business, making your message more interesting and allowing you to create more results.

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