Friday, 14 December 2012

Attributes of Quality Posters for Advertising

Advertising quality posters are perhaps the most common type of marketing material. It is actually often considered as basic marketing collateral. Posters also have now diversified as a marketing material and are now being adapted into digital or online marketing materials.

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When designing posters, either for traditional marketing or online marketing, here are a few tips that you may want to consider: 

1. Find out which attributes are needed to include in a poster, Often, logo mandatory or a set of brand guidelines can help you determine attributes and elements that are needed to be followed when designing posters.

2. When designing an advertising poster, make the visuals and text compelling. Printing or producing posters does entail costs, so even during the design stage, you must make sure that you will be able to effectively communicate the message that you want to send out to your target audience. By creating a design that has visual impact and creating an ad copy that is concise yet clear and direct, you may be able to effectively communicate the message to your target audience.

3. A good advertising poster can effectively communicate the objectives of an activity or a campaign in a single face printed or digitally designed material. The logo must be placed based on corporate or brand identity mandatory.

4. For events or promotional activity announcement, major or main information about the activity can be placed in the poster layout while details such as promo mechanics may be placed in other marketing support materials such as flyers or even via the website. 

5. When using posters in an event venue, make sure that posters are placed in a prominent area where there is high foot traffic. A vivid design will of course compels passersby to stop and read or view the details featured in the poster.

6. Although posters may seem simple in terms of design, there are various design elements that are important in order to come up with an effective design. A design company can help you come up with various poster design options that will work best with your marketing activity. Choose a product design agency that specializes in the conceptualization and design of marketing collateral.

7. A design company that offers print services will also make production more convenient and easy for you. There are also design companies that can help you with implementation as well to ensure that poster placement in various locations are installed properly and efficiently for optimum results.

8. When designing a poster for an event announcement, make sure that you get to produce and install the poster materials ahead of time. Two to three weeks prior to the event schedule, a poster will give you more advertising mileage while allowing your target audience to prepare for the event. This will also ensure you of a high participation turnout for your event.

9. A design adaptation of the poster in digital format will also allow you send out copies of your poster via email or to have it featured in websites and other online channels such as online ads and social media networks.

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