Thursday, 27 December 2012

Unique Corporate Stationery: An Essential Part of Corporate Identity

Stationery is a traditional way of printing in a wide range of these materials:

1) Paper
2) Office Supplies
3) Glue
4) Greeting cards
5) Pencil Cases
6) Writing Implements
7) Other similar items

Generally Stationery is a business of printing combining above materials.

Corporate Stationery

Corporate Stationery is known as the usage and marketing of stationery among industries. It has been the greatest support for the corporate identity. Printing and designing papers for greeting cards, marital invitation cards and other business purposes. It is a combined business strategy to improve stationery functionality and answering all the threats from the electronic media. Corporate stationery is largely linked to paper and other processes of writing and graphical styles to improve corporate identity.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is known as the service to develop the business logos and cards for business identification and publicity purposes. A business card can determine the company’s features and address in a nutshell. In corporate communication, the corporate identity is known as the corp. assigned to design in accordance with the facilities and attainments of business objectives by using the way of branding and trademarks. It helps an org. to represent itself to the general people for taking orders and offering services.

Process of improvement of business by Corporate Identity

Corporate identity clears the idea of a certain company or org. or business by providing a prospectus in shortly. A good and attractive brand will catch the attention of consumers and reliability is also a thing among them. Moreover, business materials are also known and gain popularity by having a famous brand name. Thus the corporate identity improves a business management and orders to run them smoothly and fluently.
Styles of Corporate Stationery

Company stationery runs the business of stationery by adopting various printing techniques. Some popular stationery printing techniques are below at a glance.


It is one of the printing methods that impose characters on a page. The print can be colored or null but the characters are impressed in a single color. Hand set movable plates placed in the machines to have desired designs and styles. The writing styles can be of different styles such as Italic or Bold Italic or other styling fonts to make the paper attractive.

Embossing technique

It is a printing process through which the hard paper boundary surfaces are raised a bit for designing purposes. The design is imprinted in the converted paper stock. Embossing is the process to press the paper on mats which are shaped with designs and can be observed from both sides of the paper surfaces. 

Engraving technique

Engraving means designing by digging into materials which are harder relatively. This is a very expensive and traditional way of stationery printing in the history that needs higher skills and experience. The plates to be engraved are covered with ink or color first and then the color is lifted from the un-engraved parts of the plates. Then the plate is pressed onto a paper with a significant pressure to make the paper accept the design. This style is costly and many consumers prefer thermo graphic printing technology which is modern with the electronic media.

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