Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Decorate Your House With Unique Art Prints

The art you put on the walls of your home is a wonderful way to express yourself. Decorate your home with unique art prints from up and coming artists, or the masters, to suit your tastes. 

Art prints are classy

Adding art to your walls shows the world what your tastes are. It lends a classy sensibility to anyone’s walls, and it makes your home feel finished. Bare walls can look and feel like a prison cell, but a few well-chosen pieces will help your place feel like a true home. 

Where to buy prints

Art prints can be purchased in many venues. From craft stores, to home goods stores you can purchase art prints of varying quality almost everywhere. Prints are available in various sizes, from large to small and in between. Certain paintings, such as Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”,  have been mass produced ad infinitum and are the least unique art on the market, but still very worthwhile if you love it! If you don’t find a print of a very famous painting in a style or of a quality you approve of, look elsewhere until you find a print good enough for you. 

Art galleries, museums and photographers also sell prints of their art, many times in thematic groupings. Purchasing art on a specific theme will tie your home together through all the rooms, no matter how eclectic your furniture is. 

Photo Prints

Photo prints are very popular and easy to come by. As the popularity of digital photography has risen, they have grown in popularity as a way for artists to make themselves known in the world. Prints are made either as lithographs or by using very high quality digital printers to create beautiful works of art for your home. 

Museum Art

If you have a favorite painting or sculpture, you may be able to find a photographic print of it from the museum it belongs to. Check the gift shop website of museums like the Metropolitan Museum of art, the Louvre or the National Gallery to see what is available. 

You may even find something new you want to add to your walls. Prints of classic museum pieces will make you appear educated and cultured to anyone who walks in your door. 

Natural Art

Many photographs are of landscapes: farms, trees, mountains, beaches, and etc. Natural art is very popular because of the home because everyone can relate to it. Natural art can showcase different emotions through the weather it shows. Perhaps you will choose a print of a lonely eagle, or a dancing forest fire. If that isn’t to your taste, maybe you’d prefer the first buds of spring on a mountain side.  There is so much to draw on in the natural world that it makes a good choice for wall art, and there are many art prints available. 

Indie Art

Indie art is the art available by upcoming artists who may not be famous, yet. These are the most unique art prints available because there are so many to choose from. Indie artists will not be selling their work in big stores, but instead you can find their work at craft fairs, galleries, Etsy, and at special events like the artist alley at conventions. Purchasing a print from an indie artist is a great way to support the artist and show that you believe in their work. 

By decorating your home with unique art prints, you bring a whole new dimension to your life. Anyone who comes into your home will see your personality on display, so it’s important to choose carefully. Art prints can be found in a variety of locations, from craft stores to craft fairs, and should always be chosen to show your own uniqueness to the world. 

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