Friday, 8 March 2013

Significance of Planners For Corporate People

Corporate companies in the modern day’s hosts a lot of events such as seminars, annual general meeting, conferences and a lot other event to discuss about the benefit of the company socially or operationally. If you have to plan an event, you need to be organized and punctual and have contact with a lot of people and need to have a perfect schedule. The use of planners can come in handy and can save you a significant amount of time.

Why you should use a planner
1. Time Saver
2. Better Organization
3. It is mobile

Here are some noteworthy things you should jot down in your planner for your corporate event:
1. Agenda
2. Key Contacts
3. Attendees
4. Contracts
5. Event orders
6. Entertainment
7. Room listing
8. Gifts
9. Budgets 
10. Activities.

You need to keep a brief abstract of the event that you are planning. Everything as a summary. Like “event starts at 7, there will be 231 guests. 100 are vegetarian the others are non-veg. The president will arrive at 8:30 and give a speech for five minutes and thirty seconds, followed by some awards for the employees, etc., etc.” this agenda will save you a lot of time. So if you happen to use a planner for the event, then it is a recommended to write it at the beginning of the planner.

Key Contacts
You need to have the listings of the key contacts like the caterer and the decorator. You may keep their business card with you, but it will be such a hassle to find out the one you require and sort out. But if you use a planner, you can keep all the contacts in the same place, which saves you a lot of your precious time.

This is the list of people who have RSVP’d at the event. In a planner, you can write down their whole list. Who is bringing whom? Who is a veg, and who is a non-veg? Is there anyone who is bringing a pet? You see, you can keep everything organized when you use a planner.

When you are planning an event, you will need to have a lot of contracts, caterer contract, lighting contract, auditorium contract. If you keep them on a same place and on the same category, you will be glad with yourself after seeing how much of the time you have bought for yourself by keeping them in the planner.

This is where you keep the list of all the orders you have made, like 200 bottles of champagnes, 200 grilled chicken, 250 chairs and 45 tables and everything. The planner will be your ultimate assistant.

You will be able to keep the list of all the people who are working in the entertainment department, how many rooms you are using and what gift to give to whom. Budgeting is important, you can keep all the budgeting in hand and keep records of anything and everything that is taking place in the event.
By using a planner, you can keep everything at the reach of your fingertips. This will help you gain efficiency and earn you a lot of praise. It will truly be your virtual assistant.

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