Friday, 19 April 2013

Personalized Coasters: Bring Happiness to Your Dining Table

Coasters are wonderful things on the dining table, because they are small, elegant and cute. Other than serving its core purpose of preventing heat destroy the table cloths, coasters does a wonderful task of maintaining the beautification of the table. They are pretty inexpensive and most of them are made of wood, plastic and even clothes. Coasters come in various different designs and textures and some come with incredible scenery view. But did you know that you can have personalized and customized coasters for your table and embed your own design and creativity?


Embedding your creativity
You go to an Art print shop and purchase a very expensive art print. Something done by a very famous artist. A few days later, your wife designs a stunning art. Well, your wife’s one is not that great compared to the one that you have purchased. Then, one day when you are moving out, you get to choose from one art-print to take with you. Which one will you take? Your wife’s one or the expensive design that you have purchased? Of course your wife’s design. This is the example of how you care more about the things that are hand crafted by your loved ones. Now let us shift our focus from the art prints to coasters. Which one will you prefer more? A coaster designed by some random designer? Or a coaster design done by your wife? The answer is up to you.

Personalized coasters for business
Personalized coasters can also be used as a business stationery. You can embed the name and the logo of your company inside the coaster. If the coasters are glossy, it will enhance the beauty of the coaster and also the table. Personalized coasters can be a great marketing tool, as you can get of the clutters of advertisers and get your company to flash in front of your customers.

Personalized coasters as gifts
Personalized coasters can also be used as gifts. This can be a timeless gift and you can give it to anyone, regardless their age, gender and class. For example, your best friend has a birthday, you can give her a coaster with her photo on it, and in the end, you can write in some emotional and touchy words in hand-written fonts. Surely, this will be a special gift and she will be overwhelmed to have it. 

Where you will get them
By now, you might be compromised and pretty interested in coasters. The question that may arise in your mind is, where you will get these coasters? You cannot make the designs and print coasters out of your desktop printers. Well, lucky for you, LetterNote provides you with personalized coaster and can incorporate any design you have into the coasters. 

At first, the primary task of the coasters is to protect the table from heat and scratches, then the secondary task of the coasters is to increase the beauty. And finally the third task of coasters is to increase happiness on the dining table. 

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